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Watch Us Work It von Devo ist Teil des Albums "Fresh (Devo album)" und fällt unter das Genre Alternative Rock,General. Es wurde am freigegeben 25 May 2010 unter dem Label Warner Bros.. Copyright by holded 2010 Devo, Inc./Warner Bros. Records Inc..

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Lyrics of Watch Us Work It

Drums! Rock steady!
Bass: Keep it tight!
Lead. Do it now!

Drums! Rock Steady!
Bass: Halten Sie es fest!
Lead. Do it now!

(Hey) I thought I heard somebody say
"That dog ain't goin' home
Until he gets his bone"

(Hey) Ich dachte, ich hörte jemanden sagen
"Dieser Hund ist nicht goin 'home
Bis er bekommt seine bone "

(Hey) they said that way he'd be OK
So when he's home alone"
He'd bark "ain't nothin' wrong!"

(Hey) sagten, dass, wie er sein OK würde
Also, wenn er zu Hause ist allein "
Er hatte Rinde "ist nicht nothin 'falsch!"

Now, watch us work it
Work it out
Watch us work it
Work it inside out

Nun, schauen uns arbeiten sie
Work it out
Ansehen uns arbeiten es
Work it innen heraus

Baby we can work it out
Let's put it back together

Baby wir können Work It Out
Sagen wir es wieder zusammen

(Hey) my baby said to me
"I feel so DEVO"
I don't know what to do

(Hey) my baby sagte zu mir:
"Ich fühle so DEVO"
Ich weiß nicht, was zu tun ist

(Hey) It's OK because she's free
"How low can you go?"
That's really up to you

(Hey) Es ist in Ordnung, weil sie kostenlos ist
"How niedrigen können Sie go?"
Das ist wirklich bis zu Ihnen

Watch us work it
Work it out
Watch us work it
Work it inside out

Ansehen uns arbeiten es
Work it out
Ansehen uns arbeiten es
Work it innen heraus


'Watch Us Work It' is a 2007 single, re-released on vinyl in 2008 by the New Wave band Devo, and produced by Teddybears. It was featured in a commercial for Dell. The song will be included on the band's ninth studio album 'Fresh' which will be released in 2010 - three years after the single's release.

The song features a sample drum track from the song 'The Super Thing' off of their 1981 album 'New Traditionalists'.

The band has announced in a July 23, 2007, MySpace bulletin that a full length music video would be created, and the song itself is now available on iTunes and eMusic. Gerald Casale said that this song was chosen from a batch of songs that the band was working on, and that also this is the closest the band has been to a new album. The music video was released in September 2007, directed by Jonas Åkerlund, and is an extended version of the Dell commercial, without product shots. The song appears in the video game 'Dance Dance Revolution Universe 3'.

MVD Audio announced a vinyl maxi-single of 'Watch Us Work It' for release in 2008. Released on December 9th, 2008, it contains three previously unreleased versions of the song, and a remix of The Attery Squash song 'Devo Was Right About Everything' by the band. It is the first physical single released by Devo since 'Post Post-Modern Man' in 1990.

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