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Lyrics of Sub-Rosa Subway

Back in 1870 just beneath the Great White Way
Alfred Beach worked secretly
Risking all to ride a dream
His wind-machine
His wind-machine

Zurück in 1870 gerade unter der Great White Way
Alfred Strand arbeitete heimlich
Risking all eine Traumfahrt
Seine Windmaschine
Seine Windmaschine

New York City and the morning sun
Were awoken by the strangest sound
Reportedly as far as Washington
The tremors shook the earth as Alfie
Blew underground
Blew underground
He blew underground, yeah

New York City und die Morgensonne
Were vom seltsamsten Sound geweckt
Angeblich soweit Washington
The Zittern schüttelte die Erde als Alfie
Blew unterirdischen
Blew unterirdischen
Er blies unterirdischen, yeah

All aboard sub-rosa subway
Had you wondered who's been digging under Broadway?
It's Alfred
It's Alfred
It's Alfred
Poor Al, woh no Al

All Bord sub-rosa Untergrundbahn
Had Sie wunderte wer unter Broadway gegraben?
Es ist Alfred
Es ist Alfred
Es ist Alfred
Schlechte Al, woh keine Al

As for America's first subway
The public scoffed, "It's far too rude"
One station filled with Victoria's age
From frescoed walls and goldfish fountains....
To Brahmsian tunes

Wie für Amerikas erster Untergrundbahn
The öffentlichen spottete, "Es ist viel zu rude"
One station mit Victoria Alter gefüllt
From Wandfresken und goldfish Fontänen ....
Um brahmsisch tunes


'Sub-Rosa Subway' is a song written by the Canadian progressive rock band Klaatu, from their album '3:47 EST', describing the efforts of Alfred Ely Beach to create the original New York Subway. 'Sub-Rosa' is defined as being done in secret, and indeed his subway project was done in secret- hence the name. What brings the most interest to this song, however, is the fact that it partially sparked a rumor accusing the band of being The Beatles in disguise.

When listening to the song, it is very easy to confuse the singers with John Lennon and Paul McCartney due to an uncanny resemblance to their voices. This combined with the extremely Beatlesque sound of the instrumentals can make this song sound similar to something the Beatles might do, namely because the chord progression of this song were similar to the Beatles' 'Blackbird' and 'It's All Too Much', as an homage to the band.

This song (as well as the less Beatlesque 'Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft') were the base of the 'Klaatu are the Beatles' rumor.

It seems there were some interesting little bits put into the song. For instance, at two minutes and fifty seconds into the song, a long message in Morse Code plays in the background. John Woloschuk, in an article in the fan magazine 'The Morning Sun', finally provided a translation of the code: 'From Alfred, heed thy sharpened ear -- A message we do bring -- Starship appears upon our sphere -- Through London's sky come spring.' Also, when played in reverse, some claim one can hear messages such as whispered 'Listen, listen, listen' and 'I don't know, I don't know, it's Alfie'.

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