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Saturday Night von Suede ist Teil des Albums "Coming Up (album)" .

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Lyrics of Saturday Night

Today she's been working she's been talking she's been smoking
but it'll be alright
Cos tonight we'll go dancing we'll go laughing we'll get car sick
and it'll be okay like everyone says it'll be alright and ever so nice
We're going out tonight out and about tonight.
Oh whatever makes her happy on a Saturday night
Oh whatever makes her happy whatever makes it alright.
Today she's been sat there sat there in a black chair, office
but it'll be alright,
Cos tonight we'll go drinking we'll do silly things,
and never let the winter in,
And it'll be okay like everyone says, it'll be alright and ever so
We're going out tonight, out and about tonight.
Oh, whatever makes her happy on a Saturday night,
Oh, whatever makes her happy, whatever makes it alright.
We'll go to peepshows and freak shows,
We'll go to discos, casinos,
We'll go where people go and let go
oh whatever makes her happy

Heute ist sie tätig ist, ist sie gesprochen, sie rauchen gewesen,
Aber es wird in Ordnung sein,
"Heute Abend Ursache wir tanzen, wir gehen lachen, bekommen wir Auto krank,
Und es wird in Ordnung sein, wie jeder sagt, es wird in Ordnung sein und immer so nett,
Wir werden heute Abend, aus und über Nacht.


'Saturday Night' is the third single off the album 'Coming Up' by Suede, released on January 13, 1997, on Nude Records. The single continued the streak of the previous two by entering the top 10, peaking at #6. The video for the title song was directed by Pedro Romhanyi, who previously did the video for the band's songs, 'Animal Nitrate,' and 'Beautiful Ones.' In it stars British actress Keeley Hawes. The video was shot on London Underground at a disused Piccadilly Line platform at Holborn station.

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