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Lyrics of Just the Way It Is, Baby

Do you remember once upon a time, when you were mine?
The stars above were bright and new-i pulled them down for you
Just when i fell in love again, you said that all good things must end
Baby... that's just the way it is baby (whoah whoah)
Baby... that's just the way it is baby
I've never had a hand for solitaire-it's so unfair
That i should have my chance and lose-i feel like i've been used
To help you through another night-you spelled it out in black and white
The tides that once had carried you away, they bring you back today
The time has washed away my pain-i find that things have changed
And disappeared without a trace-you can't get back what you've erased
And i say (chorus to fade)

Erinnern Sie sich once upon a time When You Were Mine?
Die Sterne am Himmel waren hell und neu,
Ich zog sie sich für Sie.
Gerade als ich fiel in love again,
Du hast gesagt, dass alle guten Dinge muss ein Ende haben!


'Just the Way It Is, Baby' is a 1991 song recorded by American pop-rock duo The Rembrandts. Released under Atco Records label, it was the first single from band's album 'The Rembrandts'. It first appeared on the 'Billboard' Mainstream Rock Tracks Chart in 1990, then became a top ten hit one year later in France where it remained charted for 16 weeks, and Austria. It was a moderate hit in other European countries and Australia. The song is generally deemed as the band's first big hit.

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