Lyrics of Event Horizon

Titelbild des Gesangs Event Horizon von Stratovarius


Event Horizon von Stratovarius fällt unter das Genre Hard Rock & Metal,General , Rock,General. Es wurde am freigegeben 18 Jan 2011 unter dem Label Eagle Rock (US). Copyright by holded (C) 2011 Edel Germany GmbH. earMUSIC is a Project of Edel. Sublicensed to Eagle Rock Entertainment, Ltd. An Armoury Records release. Armoury Records is a division of Eagle Rock Entertainment, Ltd.

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Lyrics of Event Horizon

Featuring: Stratovarius

I'm standing outside

In darkness my breath is steaming

The sky's open wide

I hear the silence screaming

Deep in the dark somewhere in space

Spinning around leaving no trace

Nothing escapes

and the boundary's been breached

All matter and shape

Destination's reached

A star dies, collapsing in its core

End of the journey

It won't be seen anymore

I can see the point of no return

And then the light is slowly turning to red

Light years away, there is no concern

A force of gravity, event horizon lies ahead

Featuring: Stratovarius


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