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English Civil War von The Clash ist Teil des Albums "Give 'Em Enough Rope" und fällt unter das Genre Rock,General. Es wurde am freigegeben 05 Jun 2007 unter dem Label Sony BMG Music Entertainment. Copyright by holded This Compilation (P) 2007 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT (UK) Limited.

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Lyrics of English Civil War

When Johnny comes marching home again, hurrah, tala
He's coming by bus or undergound, hurrah, tala
A woman's eye will shed a tear
To see his face so beaten in fear
And it was just 'round the corner in the English Civil War

Wenn Johnny kommt marschieren wieder nach Hause, hurra, tala
Er ist mit dem Bus oder U-Bahn kommen, hurra, tala
Eine Frau Auge eine Träne
Um zu sehen, sein Gesicht so in Angst geschlagen
Und es war nur 'um die Ecke in den englischen Bürgerkrieg

It was still at the stage of clubs and fists, hurrah, tala
When that well-know face got beaten to bits, hurrah, tala
You face was blue in the light of the screen
As watched the speech of an animal scream
The new party army was marching right over our heads

Es war immer noch im Stadium der Clubs und Fäuste, hurra, tala
Wenn das bekannte Gesicht bekam, Bits, hurra, tala geschlagen
Sie Gesicht war in das Licht der Bildschirm blau
Wie sah die Rede von einem Tier schreien
Die neue Partei Armee war richtig marschieren über unseren Köpfen

All right

In Ordnung

There you are, ha, ha, I told you so, hurrah, tala
Says everybody that we know, hurrah, tala
But who hid a radio under the stairs?
Who got caught out unawares?
When the new party army came marching right over our heads

Siehst du, ha, ha, ich sagte Ihnen ja, hurra, tala
Jeder sagt, dass wir wissen, hurra, tala
Aber wer versteckt ein Radio unter der Treppe?
Wer hat sich überrumpelt?
Wenn die neue Partei Armee marschierte direkt über unseren Köpfen

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Yeah, yeah, yeah

When Johnny comes marching home again, hurrah, tala
Nobody understands it can happen again, hurrah, tala
The sun is shinning and the kids are shouting loud
But you gotta know it's shinning thought a crack in the cloud
And the shadow keeps falling when Johnny comes marching home

Wenn Johnny kommt marschieren wieder nach Hause, hurra, tala
Niemand versteht es kann wieder geschehen, hurra, tala
Die Sonne scheint und die Kinder sind laut schreien
Aber du musst wissen, dass es shinning dachte einen Riss in der Wolke
Und der Schatten fällt immer, wenn Johnny kommt marschieren Hause


'English Civil War' is a song by British punk rock band The Clash, featured on their second album 'Give 'Em Enough Rope', and released as a single on 23 February 1979. It reached number 25 in the UK Singles Chart and number 28 in the Irish Singles Chart.

The song is derived from an American Civil War song, 'When Johnny Comes Marching Home', written by Irish-born Massachusetts Unionist Patrick Sarsfield Gilmore, which is in turn derived from the Irish anti-war song 'Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye'. It was popular among both sides of the conflict.

Having learnt the song at school, Joe Strummer suggested that the band should update it. Those on the left wing saw the rise during the mid-1970s of far right groups such as the British National Front as alarming and dangerous omens for Britain's future. The song is about this state of politics in the country and warns against all things uniformed and sinister. Shortly after the song had its first live performance at a Rock Against Racism concert, Strummer said in an interview to the music newspaper 'Record Mirror': :'War is just around the corner. Johnny hasn't got far to march. That's why he is coming by bus or underground' (as in the song's lyrics).

The cover of the single is a still from John Halas' 1954 animated adaptation of George Orwell's dystopian novella 'Animal Farm'.

It was later covered in 1993 by The Levellers on their 'The Julie EP'.

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