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Lyrics of Abhorrent (A Viral Race)

Day by day, a constant patheticalness, oblivious to the occurrences,

A society, building their structure of self-comfort through an illusion.

Social standards are set through mirrored screens.

When will we break this cliche scene?

The answer lies between the demise of the human race.

Eradicate them all so there's no more to create, and carry on the disease of life.

They all dwell in a waste land, with controllers of wanton figures.

They all amount to a contradiction.

As the the society surrounding you is failing it's capability to subsist, you prioritize irrelevancies.

You all are living to die!

Blame yourself.

Know your faults and where you stand and know that the over throw is near.

Look in the mirror and see the abductor of all your past legacies and future forms of life.


It'll all mean nothing soon.

The darkness is within you all.

The gates have been opened and have leaked the plague into your lives.

This acrimonious land is heading towards extinction.

Your weapon against coping with this cold magnitude is denial and distraction.

Senseless, useless, acts of redundancy are emerging the birth of peril.

Forging faults upon yourself to please your "watching eye".

Forcing guilt to convince the presence is really there.

When will you see the end is near?

And the finger to point is your reflection in the mirror.

Conflagration will seize your home, will seize your land.

Tag für Tag eine konstante patheticalness, ohne auf die Ereignisse,
Eine Gesellschaft, den Aufbau ihrer Struktur der Selbst-Komfort durch eine Illusion.
Soziale Standards werden durch gespiegelte Bildschirme gesetzt.
Wann werden wir dieses Klischee zu brechen Szene?
Die Antwort liegt zwischen dem Untergang der menschlichen Rasse.


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